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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cactus Cafe, Etc..., Oak Rd, Walnut Creek

Written by Casey Deeha

The monolithic industry desserts are the new landscapes which are producing the infamous 'reverse commutes'. It as if the gods of modernity said: 'it's much to easy for these mere mortals to navigate a one way traffic commute that is all too predictable - let's give them a challenge'... and boom - we have drab commerce buildings masquerading as modernist architecture growing like Chia Pets in places such as Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, Livermore, Danville and the like.

But Lo! Workers of the Bay unite - at least those workers with an inkling of culture who cling to the idea that they are not cattle to be herded into the city center for the god of industry; rather - they reverse their commute to the suburban tract desserts to whittle their working day away safely anonymous within sterile office layouts.

It is here where I lay our latest burrito scene - Cactus Cafe - a veritable hodge-podge of various food stuffs, chiefly the Breakfast Burrito.

Characters in business dress shuffle themselves in like well trained ants - one after the other - all complete with blue tooth and clickity clackity shoes. I am skeptical to say the least... I feel like Jason, lost within the labyrinth of these ever expanding homogeneous Borg-like business buildings. Standing in Cactus Cafe, I know that I am tucked away within the innards of one of these behemoths, but have not the real understanding of where I am. For comfort, I opt for the breakfast burrito - the familiar of eggs, bacon, avocado, onion, pico de gallo and cheese surely should yoke my compass for inward direction amidst sameness peppered with profit. I hope but am not optimistic. My cynicism is fueled by these peoples' collective contribution to our financial times. I am patient and give my order hoping the Minotaur is not lurking under the shallow waters of the necessary water features seen through the window - a man takes a drag off a cigarette looking forlorn.

I receive my burrito and sit down at the Ikeaed tables. The ingredients are moderately mixed and the familiar comes rushing back for my identity to remember my own Id - it is 'OK'. Not the best, but what would you expect under such environmental circumstances - who would have a creme de brule in the Arctic? (I would but it would be weird). Not the best breakfast burrito, but satisfies the familiar and I am grateful.

I left searching for different pastures - Oakland beckons.

Salsa Rating - Moderately Warm

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